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Reliable single origin with consistent draw from the steep mountains of Columbia. Semi-acidic flavor tone, nutty undertone. Washed roasting process.

Organic Costa Rica “Finca Amistad”

Acidic single origin with zippy bright body. From the Finca Amistad region of Costa Rica. Rich undertones. One of our favorites. Washed roasting processs.

Guatemala "Jalapa"

The highlands of Guatemala produce strong bodied semi-acidic coffee with berry-like undertones. One of our favorites. This single origin is from the Jalapa region. Washed roasting process.

Rwanda "Ejo Heza"

Don't be apposed to African single origins until you've tried the light-bodied Rwanda from the "Ejo Heza" region. Berry undertones. Washed roasting process.

Kenya "Peaberry Roi"

This African single origin coffee grows in a unique "pearberry" shape. From the Roi region of Kenya, a light-bodied cocoa and berry toned single origin. Washed roasting process.

Papua New Guinea

Single Origin Coffee from Papua New Guinea in the southwestern Pacific. Rich nutty, coca tones. Berry undertones. Lighter body. Washed roasting process.

Organic Peru "El Palto"

A semi-acidic single origin coffee from the Peruvian region of El Palto. Nutty, distinguished South American notes, with full body. Washed roasting process.

Organic Sumatra

Sumatra neighboring Malaysia in the southwestern Pacific produces light-bodied cocoa and nutty undertoned coffee, like this Organic single origin. Washed roasting process.